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Strategic Thinking in the Workplace

Why is strategic thinking critical to your current and future success in the workplace?

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According to Kauf (2003) strategic thinking is the way in which people in an organization think about, assess, view, and create the future for themselves and their associates; it is more than responding to both day-to-day as well as long-term problems, opportunities, and new realities; it is creating tomorrow; it is not reactive, but proactive. According to this author, strategic thinking focuses on how to create a better future by being proactive and adding value to society-through the accomplishment of high payoff results; it is concerned with taking control of the future by developing practical dreams of the results you want to create for tomorrow's child and your clients and partners. According to this author, it can also be applied any day at any time and is responsive to the new realities and the accelerated rate of change of today and tomorrow's world.

According to Kauf (2003) strategic thinking always involves change, and often, profound personal change; it often requires your present paradigms (Systems of Belief) and your ways of thinking, relating, and performing; it is imagining the results you want to achieve in the future, it is practical dreaming...creating an ideal future by defining ...

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