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Strategic Thinking Development

How should a person insure to continue and develop their strategic thinking skills AFTER they have complete their college degree?

Why is strategic thinking critical to a person's current and future success in the workplace?

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Strategic thinking is critical for your success in the workplace, no matter what industry you are in. As discussed below, strategic thinkers do a variety of things in the workplace, and notes on how to be a strategic thinker are included.

"Strategic thinkers:

Resist falling into the rut of reacting solely to the needs and demands of senior managers and line staff. Strategic thinkers develop an understanding of what needs to be accomplished by their work teams and strive to influence the way both senior managers and line staff view work priorities.
Learn to be successful synthesizers of information. Senior managers rely on front-line or middle managers to translate policy directives and priorities from the top into useful and coherent instructions to line staff. Those who are able to successfully implement top-level decisions at the line-staff level are coveted by senior management. Senior staff members also rely on team leaders or managers to give them information about operational issues that they can use to make policies and set priorities. Strategic thinkers use this opportunity to provide information in ways that promote their priorities and the needs of their team members.
Selectively champion goals and objectives that are important to them. Strategic ...

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Strategic thinking development is examined.