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    Mozilla: SWOT analysis in strategic planning; leadership and planning

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    Identify the internal and external Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) facing Mozilla, particularly regarding its Firefox browser.

    (1) Define the role played by a SWOT analysis in the strategic planning process.

    (2) Differentiate between strategic thinking, leadership, and planning

    (3) Indicate the implications of your analysis for planning and implementation, including any recommendations that seem to follow your analysis;

    (4) Support your analysis with evidence from any news sources you may find on the Internet.

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    SWOT Analysis in Strategic Planning Process
    According to SeSilets (2008) fundamental to the strategic planning process is "clear identification of SWOT to allow the unit to be better positioned to take action, deal with issues, enhance strengths, take advantage of opportunities, bypass threats, and reduce weaknesses" (p. 196). Taking this further, SWOT analysis is an integral process of strategic planning as the results of this analysis are necessary input in management's assessment of the company's internal environment vis-à-vis the perceived requirements of its macroeconomic environment.

    Thus from SWOT analysis, a company can identify the most effective and efficient strategic plans based on identified goals. As a matter of fact Sherman, Rowley and Armandi (2007) stated that SWOT analysis serves as "the fundamental methodology for formulating the firm's strategy" (p. 162). Although, business managers have other strategic management tools nowadays, SWOT is still an integral process in strategic planning. Furthermore, "[the] underlying premise to this approach is to match the firm's distinctive competencies and resources with the market to create a perfect fit between the firm and the external environment and therein develop a sustainable competitive advantage" (Miles & Snow, 1984, p. 15).

    Strategic Thinking, Leadership and Planning
    According to Bonn (2005), strategic thinking is "a way of solving strategic problems that ...

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    The solution provides a SWOT analysis in strategic planning, leadership and planning.The implication of the analysis for planning and implementation are provided.