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    Nursing Leadership and Management

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    I am doing DQs for NUR 587, at University of Phoenix. I need some ideas to answer these questions. This is a nursing leadership and management class. Thank you.

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    // Before formulating the ideas related to the development of consensus on mission, objectives, and goals, it is necessary to establish the agenda, build suitable network and coalitions and adopting the means of bargaining and negotiations. All these concepts are explained below.//

    Nursing Leadership and Management


    Nursing leadership and management means efforts of an individual to influence the behavior of others in providing direct, individualized and professional nursing care. A nurse manager needs to plan, organize, encourage and control the work of other nurses and other health-care personnel in delivering nursing care. Mission is the purpose for which an organization exists. It gives a brief description of the business including its nature and customers it seeks to serve. Objectives are the ends that state specifically how the goals shall be achieved and are more concrete and specific than goals. Goals on the other hand are generalized and denote what an organization wants to achieve in a future period of time.

    Developing consensus on mission, objectives and goals:

    Consensus is an outcome which is close enough to be acceptable. For developing ...

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