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    Management practices in health-related services

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    What do you consider to be the most important attributes of good management practice? Discuss in relation to examples of good management of health-related services that you have encountered.

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    Good management is important to create a sustainable business, confront challenges, maximize opportunities and achieve success in organizations. Health-related services currently face a wide barrage of changes due to increasing costs and legislation. For instance, the Affordable Care Act offers access to affordable health insurance options to all Americans. The "Marketplace will allow individuals and small businesses to compare health plans on a level playing field" (HealthCare.gov, 2013). This change means that health plan companies must use strategic planning in order to be competitive in the market place. Health care providers and insurance companies must understand the changes in legislation and be able to react to them. Their management must develop a strategic plan that includes a mission statement and objectives so that the organization is clear as to their culture and expected plan of action.

    In addition, health care organizations must practice good resource management. As more Americans are given access to health care, including cost-free preventive services, health care organizations must ...

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    This solution discusses the most important attributes of good management practice, giving examples of good management in health related services. Includes APA formatted references.