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Scope of Practice in Counselling

Why are there differences in the licensure process for mental health counsellors and addiction counsellors? What is the scope of practice for both types of counsellors?

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The licensure process for a mental health counselor is the same as that of a clinical social worker and marriage and family therapist. A licensed mental health counselor must have the following: (AMHCA, 2013)

- Earned a master's degree in counseling or a closely related field
- Completed a minimum of two years post-master's clinical worked while being supervised by a licensed or certified mental health counselor
- Passed any state or national licensure or certification examinations

Mental health counselors offer a wide range of services such as ...

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A discussion regarding the different practices for licensure for mental health counselors and addiciton counselors including differences in educational requirements, clinical hours required, and the scope of practice for each type of counselor. 269 words, 2 references.