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    Assessment Skills in Counselling Practice

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    Please provide a brief explanation of two ways in which assessment can be used in a counselling practice. Then explain four skills that are needed to further develop to fully integrate formal and informal assessment into a counselling practice.

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    Dear Student,

    In this particular problem, you are being asked by your professor to show that you comprehend what assessment means to counselling - why it is relevant. Additionally, you are asked to list some skills that are of value to integrate assessment in counselling practice. I suggest using an outline to structure your answer like this:

    1. Assessment - why is it of value to counselling?
    2. Formal and Informal assessment - what's the difference?
    3. The 4 skills you think are needed to integrate #2 in counselling practice.

    Altogether your answer should be around 400 words, listing some resources that can support your ideas. I suggest getting ideas and information from your current materials as well. While this information is valid at a general level, your professor will be expecting you to show that you have been using the materials you have and understand the discussion presented in class. If you need further clarification, just use the feedback section to let me know. Good luck with your studies. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic.

    On Assessment in Counselling

    Assessment in counselling, from a general view is a way of looking into the issues and problems as well as ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise on the topic of the utilization of assessment in counselling. Key skills for the integration of formal/informal assessment in practice is also discussed. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.