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    Online Counseling Practice

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    What would be the key considerations to opening an online counseling practice?

    What potential risks would be considered willing and unwilling to accept to make the practice was successful?

    What would be any pertinent laws from the state of Texas that may relate to the provision of online therapy?

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    Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. You are being asked to answer questions relating to online counseling practice with a view that this practice be settled in Texas. Bearing this in mind, you should answer these questions following an outline. I suggest the following:

    1. Considerations for Online Practice - about 200 words.
    2. Risks in online practice & Strategies to get over them - about 200 words.
    3. Laws of Texas affecting online practice - about 200 words.

    Above, the outline will yield around 200 words and should be enough to provide you with the information that you need for this problem. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. Good luck with your studies.

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    Considerations for Online Practice

    Almost everyone in America have access to the internet. Smartphones, smart TVs and computers have connected Americans all the more creating what we now term as 'the social network'. This means that so many things previously inaccessible has become accessible with the click of the mouse affecting the way lives are lived. For counselling and for people needing help, this is good news as via emails, video calls and chats online, they can get to a counsellor who can truly help them cope especially when they are in such vulnerable positions. For a while, the 'myth' that online practice is impossible have caused innovation in putting up such practices go slowly but new technologies mostly associated with social networks, smart phones and video conferencing have led to development in online counselling that has now made it more effective. First off, psychologists must consider well the demands that online counselling necessitates to make the practice effective. Clients that use online counselling services should considerably be adept with computers and online technologies, they must have good connectivity, they must be adept in using voice and chat messaging services, they must also be good at expressing their feelings and explaining their situation in text (i.e. email) or during 'chat' where video and audio services are not available. Online practitioners must take into consideration that the needs of clients that utilize online services are very much different from those who wish to have the traditional treatment route - still, they must ensure that they provide the same level of support, ...

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