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    Online Therapy Evaluation

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    -Locate at least three online therapy sites
    -Discuss the content in each site, the professionals involved, and how the actual online interaction occurs
    -Address how professional associations and state regulatory boards view online therapy
    -Discuss related ethical (informed consent, confidentiality, etc.) and security issues
    -Include your own opinion of the advantages and disadvantages of online therapy services
    (1050-1750 words) Include Reference

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    Thank you for posting today. It is my goal to provide ideas, definitions, research help, and instructions on how you, the student, should approach the assignment.

    A quick Google search yielded a few candidates:

    Let's examine these one by one:

    From their site:
    "Online counseling or eTherapy is a new way to 'see' a therapist. Use of the Internet allows us to make available therapists chosen from a large pool of expert licensed clinicians from various locations throughout the US.

    Online counseling means that someone is always there when you need to talk. We offer three types of sessions with licensed professionals.
    Private Online Chat - Chat live, online, one to one.
    Phone Counseling - Your therapist will call you.
    Email Sessions - Receive your email response within 2 days.
    Begin here for instructions and prices.
    Our size and reputation allow us to attract a more impressive panel of therapists than any hospital or clinic could possibly assemble under one roof. Our goal is to provide the BEST network of experienced online clinicians, not the biggest.

    All of our online therapists have passed our rigorous screening process, are licensed or board certified in their states, have at least 10 years experience, and are carefully selected to be part of our network based on their demonstrated clinical skills.

    In addition, we now offer the services of Dr. H. Edie Park, MD, board certified psychiatrist. Click here for more information on consultations with a psychiatrist."

    Clearly, after digging around a little bit, I was able to see some providers and their credentials. These people are actually licensed, and their license information is provided right up front. One presumes that they have to abide by their field's informed consent and confidientiality regulations, however this website had no privacy policy that I could find. So unless a person's information were legally protected, which I beleive it probably is, there is no explicity guarantee.

    Serenity Online Therapy:

    Consider this:
    "Confidentiality: I, Carl Benedict, am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in Maryland, legally and ethically bound to protect your online counseling confidentiality, including the confidentiality of your records, which are stored and secured according to professional guidelines.

    Your email address and personal information will never be shared with third parties. I employ state-of-the-art technology to ensure your online therapy privacy. I never see your credit card information when you pay, which is processed through PayPal, the global leader in online payments. For more information about payment security, go to About PayPal Security. For more information on online therapy security, keep reading.

    Caution: To protect your privacy, be prudent in how you store treatment-related emails and chat room transcripts. Make sure they are protected from unauthorized access by using and guarding your passwords. Consider deleting any emails (sent or received) or chat room transcripts that you do not want others to see, followed by emptying your trash or recycle bins. If you make hard copies of emails or chat transcripts, store them securely. Be aware that emails sent from a workplace computer are the property of the employer. Continue reading to see how I ensure your online counseling confidentiality ...

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