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    Program Evaluation: Counselling

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    How do program evaluations influence marital and family therapy?
    What contributions might counselors offer toward these evaluations?
    What roles should counselors play in the evaluation process?

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    1. Program Evaluation influence - 150 words (define the term first)
    2. Counsellor Contributions - 100 words
    3. Counsellor Roles - 100 words

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    Program Evaluation: Family Therapy

    Program Evaluation is the process of testing and assessing the validity, impact, competency and overall effectiveness of programs that are used for the purpose of marriage therapy or family therapy. A program essentially is a constructed system of 'doing work' so that the purpose of the community, the organization or the government in general in terms of fixing issues in relation to marriage and families can be achieved. Culver (2011) for example explore the marriage and family therapy programs geared towards helping couples and families cope with the various issues and stresses in relation to a multicultural and diverse society. ...

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