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Methodology for health care programs

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If you were to choose a category of methodology for a short-term health care program, what methodology would you use and rely on? What quantitative evaluation measures will most likely dominate your evaluation methodology?

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Program Methodology: Short-term Health Care program

Health care programs are important in that it allows for important services to reach individuals and families especially in the case of programs spearheaded by the Department of Health & Human Services. Their health programs are typically designed to provide healthcare assistance most especially to members of society who are at risk. Across America - Federal, State and Local governments have varied local health care programs, some short-term and some long-term. Most times, short-term programs come together to built-up a long-term program to achieve long term goals. These goals include the eradication of unhealthy practices as well as diseases and conditions that plague society (i.e. smallpox, tuberculosis, avian flu, STD's, etc.) or that which create a stigma or make life difficult for those suffering from ...

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