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    Problems Leading to Diabetes Program Implementation

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    Improving Access to Diabetes Care in an Inner-City, Community-Based Outpatient Health Center with a Monthly Open-Access, Multi-station Group Visit Program by Gregory C. Vachon, MD; Ngozi Ezike, MD; Mary Brown-Walker, FNP; Vuthik Chhay, PAC; Irv Pikelny, RHIA; and Trudy B. Pendergraft, MSPH MSPH


    After reading the article, please answer the following questions.

    1. What were the issues that led to the implementation of the program?

    2. Describe the program?

    3. How will the implementation of the program resolve the issues mentioned in the first question?

    4. If you were the manager of this program, what would identify as the positive aspects?

    5. What changes would you make to improve the program?

    Please do NOT provide general statements, but attempt to show how this pertains directly to the healthcare field.

    Your response to the following case and questions should be comprehensive, thoughtful, and thorough.
    It should incorporate the information you have reviewed in the background readings. You will need to apply critical thinking skills to your assignment discussion.

    You must analyze the literature and background.

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    The primary issues that led to the implementation of this program, included a lack of access to diabetes care for individuals from lower socio-economic groups, as well as minority groups that tend to have much less access to the care that is needed in order to effectively treat their diabetes. In addition, this program was developed in order to provide many of these underprivileged patients with the knowledge about diabetes treatment that is necessary in order for these individuals to be able to take a proactive part in managing their diabetes in a manner that will help to promote their health and well-being. In addition, this program was developed as a methodology by which to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare center staff, in treating the maximum number of individuals, with a limited number of staff members, as a methodology by which to serve a much greater number of the community in need of these ...