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Stats, behavioral research: Research problem Statement

Describe briefly a research problem that you would like to pursue. Include the research question, and rationale for using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed approach to research. If quantitative or mixed, state the hypothesis.
Select one software program appropriate to your research approach, and discuss pro's and con's of using the software in your project .

the research problem that I can use these:
Does Children with diabetes affect their student behavior in school?

qualitative software programs;
1. ATLAS.ti: www.atlasti.com
2. Ethnograph Version 5.0 www.qualisresearch.com
3. HyperRESEARCH:www.researchware.com

quantitaive software programs:
1. JMP;www.jmp.com
2. SAS/STAT:www.sas.com
3. Statistical Package for the social Sciences ( SPSS) Student Version:www.spss.com

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Research problem Statement: Do children with diabetes perform better on class exams, than children who do not have diabetes?

Hypothesis: students without diabetes as a medical condition, on average will fare better on class exams than students who have diabetes.

Variables IV - Diabetes present or absent (the diabetic indices can be divided into low, medium and high with number ranges in the diabetic group of students)

DV Dependent Variable student s' ...

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Stats, behavioral research: Research problem Statement