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    Native Hawaiian Health Habits and Health Problems

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    Due to unhealthy lifestyles and habits, millions of people die each year due to preventable deaths, such as heart disease and diabetes. What are the main causes of this kind of lifestyles? Choose a specific country and community to focus on it.

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    When looking at unhealthy lifestyles and habits, I chose native Hawaiians as a specific community to assess. Like American Indians, there are many commonalities among this cultural group, since research reveals how "Both groups share indigenous origins. They have experienced colonial contacts with Europeans, suffered the collapse of traditional cultural systems, and experienced a proliferation of health and mental health problems" (Mokuau, 1990, p. 235). Sedentary lifestyles and poor diets are linked to major health problems among this population as experts confirm that "When comparing the leading causes of death among native Hawaiians with all other races in ...

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