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A health promotion program for elementary school staff

Design a health promotion program for individuals in the workplace or in school that results in increased physical or psychological well-being.

? Define the following characteristics of your target population:

o Occupation and location (or school level)

o Age range (or grade levels)

o Education range (or grade levels)

o Socioeconomic range

o Any potential language or cultural factors

o Other additional, pertinent factors

? Write four one-sentence goals for the program. Each of the four goals must relate to successful program completion and should promote one specific health behavior.

? Describe ways to get the target group interested in the program. What incentives would you offer to develop positive attitudes and increase motivation? When and how often will incentives be offered? How are the incentives related to program goals?

? Develop ways to gauge and maintain long-term success. How will participants measure progress toward modified habits or behavior? How will the program reinforce lasting success after completion? How will the work or school environment be modified to support program goals?

? Address individual needs. How might cultural beliefs impact program perceptions? What kind of support will be available to individuals who experience setbacks in goal achievement? How will the program be delivered so there is equal access among your target population (in what way, by whom, located where, in what form of media, etc.)?

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Worksite: elementary school

Staff: teachers

Age range: 25-50

Education range: BS to masters

Socioeconomic: pay range $25,000 to $50,000; primarily working class community and staff in urban southwest

Language issues: 75% bilingual, with 50% Hispanic, 25% of Native American descent and other Angelo or other

Environmental factors: strong traditional foundations with home and community a + but cultural eating habits provoking diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and limited balanced eating habits

Workplace fitness goals

1. Reduce teachers' blood pressure rates by 20%

2. Increase fitness and exercise prevalence of teachers by 25%

3. Be a catalyst for healthier diet of teaching staff by offering classes ...

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A health promotion program for elementary school teachers is highlighted, where the goal is to decrease blood pressure, increase fitness and exercise prevalence of teachers, as well as be a catalyst for healthier diet of teaching staff by offering classes with pot luck to learn about healthy menus. Finally, reducing the potential for diabetes by lowering weight of overweight staff and teaching about the value of limiting some traditional food choices of the southwestern culinary heritage is indicated.