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    Implementing a health program

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    •Explain the four categories of information, which provide a useful framework for organizing a community health program.
    •Describe the importance of assessing program implementation in a public health program.
    •There are three levels of program implementation. Describe each of them and the significance of each level of program implementation.
    •The public health pyramid is an overarching framework for public health planning and evaluation. Explain program implementation at the various levels of the public health pyramid
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    Implementing a health programme
    1. The four categories of information
    The different categories of information are related to the levels that decisions are made in the organization. The usual levels of organizational decision making comprise the operational level who operational report to middle management who themselves report to senior management who would in turn report to the top management or executive management.
    The categories of information are typically classified to mirror this arrangement as follows
    1.1 Operational level Information-Information for basic management of daily operation. What examples of workers can you give who normally work with this category of information?
    1.2 Management Information-refers to information used for the running of the organization and analysing performance. This information is used by middle managers. -Can you give examples?
    1.3 Decision Support Information-This is information for building knowledge in the organization. It is used by senior managers to plan for the future of the organization. Please think of examples in an organization you know
    1.4 Executive Information-Refers to information that is used at the strategic or highest levels of the organization i.e. the senior executives to understand the environment and develop long term projections followed by decisive action. Think about typical examples here as well.
    These four categories are usually arranged into a pyramid with the operational level information at the base, followed by management information which is in turn followed by decision support and lastly executive information at the apex.
    A community health programme will comprise people at various levels such as members of the community operating on the ground and the leadership who not ...

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    Public health programme implementation can be more effective if information follows established categoriesand the appopriate levels of implementation are taken into account.
    This solution provides guidance on the use of a tool called the Public Health Impact Pyramid in the public health programme implementation process for better outcomes