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Wellness programs for organizations

Could you assist me with identifying a wellness program that a company or organization should implement? Describe the program. What would be its most important goals? If there was employee resistance, how would you build employee commitment to participating in this wellness program?

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Wellness programs are now a large part of many organizations and the overall philosophy of their integration is that "healthier people work harder, are happier, help others and are more efficient. Unhealthy workers are generally sluggish, overtired and unhappy, as the work is a symptom of their way of life" (Entrepreneurs, 2012, para 3). If an employee feels their organization values them and cares about them from a holistic point of view, they are generally more loyal to the organization.

Companies like Google create an entire culture around employee wellness and have implemented such programs as "full fitness facilities, daily classes and healthy food available throughout the day; as a result, employees feel cared for and valued" (Entrepreneurs, 2012, para 6). ...

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The solution discusses the wellness programs for organizations.