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Wellness and Prevention Marketing Program

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I need help with the following wellness and prevention marketing program.
1. Assess the marketing strategy of a health care organization with respect to wellness and prevention. What are the limitations to the current approach?
2. How you one improve wellness and prevention marketing program in such organization?

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The expert assess the marketing strategy of a health care organization with respect to wellness and prevention. The limitations of the current approaches are determined.

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1. Marketing is an important part of "selling" the idea of wellness and prevention to employees. More and more health care organizations(HCOs) are creating and promoting wellness and prevention by targeting programs that address the social determinants of health, and strengthen the social, cultural, and physical environments that influence behavior. To promote healthy living and wellness, companies such as Kaiser Permanente(KP) offers many wellness and preventive programs to members. For example,KP Healthy Solutions is a personal program for its members and offers coaching services regarding wellness, chronic disease, screening tests and screening procedures. Additionally, members can participate in over 20 health education classes the program offers at much lower cost or for free. Another of its online programs is called 'Healthy Lifestyles' which can be personalized and tailored according to a member's healthy lifestyle needs(Avivia, 2013; KP, 2013). This is especially important as health care needs and environment become more complex every day. As such, health care delivery should not be provided in one-size-fits-all solutions. This is the basis of KP's strategy towards its wellness and prevention programs.

Another of KP's wellness and prevention initiative is the Avivia Health program. The program is built on 65 years of provider expertise within KP. Avivia Health manages a full suite of care management services, that ensures that members have access to industry-leading solutions across the entire continuum of population care. Through its affiliate Intelligent Integration, Avivia delivers a smooth and efficient flow of services and programs that fit community and members' demand and other gaps in health care(Avivia, 2013; KP, 2013).

Another key strategy for success of KP's wellness and prevention programs is ensuring a cohesive integration of all related wellness and health components. This helps to ...

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