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    Shift to wellness and prevention healthcare system

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    How can the healthcare system be reformed in order to shift the focus from the disease-oriented health paradigm to one focused wellness and prevention. Discuss the role of nurses in the creation and sustaining of a new health paradigm; specifically discuss advanced practice nurses (APN).

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    With approximately half of chronic illnesses in America linked to lifestyle and environmental factors, health reform efforts must emphasize prevention and public health interventions. The new healthcare reform bill includes a several billion dollar fund that provides money to programs designed to place emphasis on healthy living. Such programs are designed to battle the obesity epidemic and help in managing chronic disease. A National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council will coordinate federal efforts to promote healthful living. This healthcare reform is the complete opposite of the current system in which we wait for people to become ill then start ordering costly ...

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    This solution describes steps necessary to shift from a disease oriented healthcare system to one that focuses on disease prevention and wellness.