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    Trends and Issues in Today's Health Care

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    A. What is the impact to the nursing profession and to the public related to the projected nursing shortage? Please give me a discussion at least one way that the nursing profession is working toward a resolution of this problem.

    B. What is the role of health care reform in shifting the focus from a disease-oriented health care system toward one of wellness and prevention, and how does nursing fit into this shift?

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    The projected nursing shortage would have a profound impact upon the nursing profession, due to the fact that this nursing shortage will place a great deal of stress and increased burden on the nurses that are presently working within the nursing field. Due to the fact that there is a severe nursing shortage, the nurses that are presently working in this field will have to work longer hours in many cases, in order to ensure that the patients that they are serving are receiving the level of care that they need. In addition, these nurses will have to serve a greater number of patients than they normally would, due to ...

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    The solution addresses the impacts a nursing shortage would have as well as the question of a paradigm-shift in healthcare from treatment to prevention in 417 words.