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Media and pop culture

Can you help describe what roles print media has played in the development of American popular culture and what three trends propagated by the print media.
How those trends effected people in regards to:
1) Consumerism
2) Work
3) Social responsibility
4) Happiness
5) The human body
6) Justice, law, and order

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3 trends: medical prescriptions, health checkups, celebrity photos

Print media is now, along with the Internet, one of the major distributors of information for people. While many complain about the focus on celebrity and the number of advertisements in print media, it is a good source of information about all kinds of necessary items as well as a lot of fun and celebrity. Some print media, even those without a focus on popular culture, women's issues, and sports, strive to provide elements of important information. Some print media invite editorials from famous and infamous persons to help access new and more varied readers.

The ...

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A discussion on how media is important to developing pop culture and its influence on three trends from list offered.