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    Pepsi Pulse, SEO&SEM online marketing

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    On April 30, 2012, Pepsi launched Pulse, a social media driven interactive dashboard for everything on pop culture, a week before the 'Live for Now' global marketing campaign that premiered on May 7.

    As reported by People's Insights (2012) Pulse serves as a "dashboard of pop culture", pulling pictures, tweets, and news from premium content sources, filtered by social ranking, to gather the top 10 stories at any given moment. Users can organize content around categories such as music, design, and sports.

    In the effort to position the dashboard as the campaign centerpiece with social media, consumers will be encouraged to tweet, 'like' and 'pin' items from the dashboard.

    How do you think Pepsi can measure the impact of their campaign and its platform Pulse?

    The digital core of the 'Live for Now' campaign is the Pulse platform, which aggregates content from around the web, as well as their own original content. In your opinion, what is the best balance of SEO and SEM that Pepsi's marketing team can use to ensure that consumers are able to continue to find the particular Pepsi brands that they seek through search engines? Briefly describe the rationale for your recommendations. How does this usage of SEO and SEM tie into the design of the overall marketing message?

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    Pepsi, in an attempt to stay relevant with their consumer, is meeting their target audience where they are, on the web in social media. Pepsi uses the social media-optimization company SocialFlow in order to present trending news items in a top 10 ranking based upon real-time data (Hernandez, 2012). The search engine marketing (SEM) utilized by Pepsi includes search engine advertising, in which advertisements for Pepsi and its brand family are embedded within the social media. Basically, the company is planting its' brands firmly into pop culture and entertainment once again, as it did in the 80's when it sponsored Michael Jackson's concerts and featured Jackson in 'New Generation' commercials. Utilizing a site like Pulse enables Pepsi to connect with its consumers. Shiv Sing, global head of digital at PepsiCo points out, 'it's not enough for a brand to just say something; it has to live it' (MSL Group, 2012).

    Pepsi Pulse resides at its own web destination as well as on the Pepsi home page, thus increasing the success of both the search engine advertising and search engine optimization. Successful search engine ...

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