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    Online Business Ethics

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    Need guidance with ethical perspective paper. I have to write about online business ethics and the unethical practices commonly used by businesses and websites that exist in the internet. I also need to write about the ethical actions that should be done about them by someone wanting to start an online business.

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    Online Business Ethics

    What is ethics? It is a branch of moral philosophy that explores questions of what is wrong and right, an area known as morality. In business, the question of morality (concepts of right and wrong, justice, virtue, vice and criminality) falls under what we call as applied ethics. In business, managers, business owners, clients - they always have to weigh actions according to measures of right and wrong. This is governed by what we call professional ethics which is ruled by legal constructs as well as the code of ethics of industries and professional associations. as such all these combine together to govern and influence what is seen as wrong and right in business, in the conduct of individuals and organizations. Now, the World Wide Web has shown us a new way of doing business, and it is the new frontier in which business, organizations and companies have found growth. In fact, the internet has changed the way we see our communities and the world exponentially due to innovations like online social networks and online shopping. More than ever, we can now access global goods and services and access communities from all over the world in an instant. We can have video calls, chat real time and make our ideas and views about things known online. A huge percentage of Americans now have 'online lives' and the growing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and micro blogging sites like Twitter have sparked new ways of doing business. With Facebook's over 500 million users, companies have targeted the site, finding ways of making their products known, pushing it into the online market for the purpose of market share and presence. We buy music online via sites like iTunes, we purchase and bid over sites like Amazon and EBay just about anything that we can purchase in real life. The online stores of retail giants have become new extensions of their businesses and they have been integrated - one can shop online as if they were shopping in a store either for the weekly groceries at Wal-Mart (with free delivery) or shopping in fashion boutiques and bookstores. The way for growth for many businesses is online and it offers a playing field that allows for the 'little guys' to create a niche. It is all about internet marketing know-how to get your message across to smart phones and computers not only in America but all over the world.

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    Online business ethics is discussed in this solution, in particular unethical practices by websites and businesses and the actions that must be taken by an online business to set against their treath.