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    Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Issues for a B2C Site

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    Please help me so I can craft a 3 page paper that discusses ethical, legal and regulatory issues differ for a B2C site. Please give specifics.

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    In a society where legal and ethical limits are pushed to the max and how the attitude pervades those around us that if there are no rules against something then it is ok to do, why even ask about ethics and values on the Web? Because, it affects you and your business!

    The main difference between B2B sites and B2C sites is the customer that the site is serving. B2B sites are companies dealing with other companies and B2C sites are selling products or services to consumers directly via their web site. Every company needs to deal with legal, ethical and regulatory issues every day in normal business activities, but there are a whole new set of issues that come up with so much business being conducted online and this paper will attempt to show the differences and similarities between B2B and B2C sites.

    Business Ethics

    The Internet is a growing and a continually evolving creature that will live on in perpetuity. As such, it would be wise to ponder the e business legal and Internet marketing ethical issues of b2b b2c. Whatever is written and published online will be there forever.

    Now, with the new wireless web mail from cell phones and other pda communication devices, the Internet will be affecting more lives than ever before. Security and privacy concerns along with e-business regulatory issues will become more prevalent. It will become more difficult to figure out who you can trust online; with all the unethical, illegal, and Internet marketing and online advertising frauds and Ebusiness email scams.

    Important Ethical E-Business Legal Issues

    If you are writing copy and maintaining a client's ebusiness or ecommerce website consider the following consumer privacy and legal matters:

    What you say when copywriting and publishing for a client is a reflection of how they are viewed to the rest of the world. Negative or defamatory articles published about various people and companies on other websites, if not properly researched, could possibly have legal consequences of libel that can stretch across countries. Additionally, consider carefully what is published on Weblogs or Blogs for short. A blog is simply a website where daily, weekly, or monthly personal or corporate thoughts, ideas, and happenings can be published and shared with others. Interaction with readers can be set up in the form of comments from visitors. Typically blog sites can be set up for free. View the ...

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