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    Strategic Marketing of Pepsi

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    Please give me some examples for the following:

    - Describe the kind of promotion you would expect to see for Pepsi product and why you would expect to see this promotion.

    - Do you believe these promotional strategies are appropriate to the target market and position of the company that makes your product? Why or why not?

    Critique the role of online marketing for your brand. You may use the following outlines to organize yourself:


    1. Advertising

    a. Target(s)

    b. Creative Themes

    c. Media

    2. Role of internet/mobile marketing efforts

    3. Personal selling

    4. Publicity

    5. Other Promotional Efforts - Pricing, Coupons, Contests, etc.

    Thank you.

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    - The Kind of Promotion:
    The type of promotion that is appropriate for Pepsi is one that induces people to drink Pepsi. Examples of such promotion are coupons pasted on baseball or basketball game tickets. The coupons can be redeemed for one bottle or drink of Pepsi. I expect to see this promotion because Pepsi scores high on taste and flavor. It is positioned higher than Coca Cola on both these attributes, so if people try Pepsi they will drink it.

    - Appropriateness of this promotional strategy:
    The target market of Pepsi is the youth segment in sport stadiums, educational institutions, cafeterias and restaurants, and stores. The positioning is that Pepsi is perceived to have a better taste and flavor than Coca Cola. The promotional strategy of giving free coupons on sport tickets, restaurant bills, and with the joining students at educational institutions will induce the target audience to actually try Pepsi.

    Online marketing of Pepsi
    - Promotion
    1. Advertising:
    Pepsi advertising is focused on sports events. It features two types of models: Sports persons and rock stars. For example Pepsi is featuring boy band and NFL star Drew Brees for an advertisement. Crocodile Rock has also been retained for advertising. Online advertising feature its TV commercials and its mobile advertising allows the downloading of free Pepsi ad ringtones. The images of Pepsi on mobile phones are mediocre. One image shows the can of Pepsi, another ...

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