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The Pepsi Refresh Project: Viral Marketing

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Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security

Using the WileyPlus resources, go to the "The Pepsi Refresh Project: Viral Marketing" example.

1. Evaluate the reasons Social Media Marketing has become exceedingly popular among businesses of all sizes.
2. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Social Media Marketing for business entrepreneurs.
3. Assess how Social Media Marketing is helping Pepsi gain more customer insight than it would have otherwise.
4. Research two (2) other businesses that have used Social Media Marketing to their advantage. Discuss how each of these businesses has utilized Social Media Marketing and provide examples with your discussion.
5. Speculate what impact Social Media will have on business over the next decade and identify what skills you need to improve to take advantage of the changes.

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The practive of viral marketing within the contet of using social media as a means to effectively marketing products within a competitive targeted industry.

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Hope you are well.

Viral marketing is becoming a more common practice as social medial marketing continues to take shape as the mandatory inclusion to effectively marketing products. The Pepsi Refresh Project is an interesting strategy that transpired in the last decade as a very strategic move to staying relevant, hence, the underlying purpose for viral marketing is being effective in spreading the marketing message.

Successful businesses, such as Pepsi Corporation, strive to increase their social brand awareness through social media marketing to sustain consumer interest. Viral marketing empowers the mission for dominance in a given marketplace industry by increasing the targeted share consumer audience. Thus, the recent popularity in using social media marketing along with standard marketing practices is to connect with and inspire consumers to purchase products.

The Pepsi Refresh Project illustrates the success of viral marketing once proper research indicates how the targeted audience reacts and behaves during a given day. Therefore, the social platform is designed to always be available and ...

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