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Promotion strategies in different industries

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Promotion is one variable of the marketing mix. Sellers communicate information about their products and services in order to influence customers' attitudes and behaviors.

Select one industry from the list below, and conduct research about strategies that companies in the industry use to promote their products or services. In your report, include communication channels the companies use. What are their promotion objectives? How and why are the promotion strategies of the companies effective or not effective? Compare and contrast promotion strategies between a couple companies in the industry.

Please select one of the industries listed below, and search for information about the promotion strategies of a couple companies in the industry.

- Soft drink
- Fast food
- Snack
- Hotel
- Restaurant chain
- Cell phone
- Computer tablet
- Banking
- Insurance
- Automobile
- Airline
- Entertainment
- Magazine
- Hair products
- Cosmetics
- Personal care products
- Dental care products
- Medicine
- Department store
- Tell briefly about the industry and companies in the industry
- Be at least two pages in length.

-Use APA style for citing paraphrased and quoted material

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The soft drinks industry includes carbonated soft drinks, fruit beverages, bottled water, energy drinks, sports drinks, and energy drinks. The industry contains some power brand such as Coca- Cola, Gatorade, Snapple, and Pepsi. This industry has flavoring syrup and concentrate making and soft drink manufacturing. The industry however is under challenge because of weak economy and the reluctance of consumer's to drink soft drinks because of health consciousness.

Step 2

There is a multitude of communication channels that the soft drinks industry uses. These include, sponsorships of sporting events, using of famous personalities, and major television advertising (Shimp. T 2010). Other channels of communication are the vending machines of the companies, social networking sites, and mobile advertising. The vending machines are used to give discounts or opportunities to communicate with friends. For example, the Pepsi Vending Machine lets the consumer give drinks to friends. This is a powerful ...

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Marketing communications in consumer goods industries is discussed step-by-step in this solution. The response also has the sources used.

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