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Defining SEO and Online Customer Attraction/Retention

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What is SEO and how can it help to move more product and attract more customers to websites and blogs? The following solution answers this, by highlighting some tools used frequently in e-commerce.

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This solution outlines what search engine optimization (SEO) entails, how it can be used, and its implications for attracting and retaining customers online. Various methods, as well as statistics, are mentioned to support the relevance of SEO in e-commerce, as well as specific SEO tools, such as GoogleBot. I give a few suggestions on how to implement SEO without paying for it, as well as a few tools one can use to enhance customer attraction and retention online.

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Web-marketing is one of several tools that many companies do not take advantage of today, and they should for that matter. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the central methods for companies going online to grab potential customers by online users simply typing something in the search engine and accessing the company's website page.

The statistics speak for themselves. First of all, according to the Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 61% of all Internet users looked up products online in 2012. Almost half of all online shoppers that year made the basis of their initial purchase by what they found online via a search engine. What is most relevant to companies ready to implement SEO in their web-marketing strategy is that 75% of online users do not scroll down past the very first page of their search engine results, according to MarketShareHitsLink.com (2010). Finally, ...

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