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    Blog Hosting Services and Generating Funds

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    Make a recommendation on how to start a website or blog for free and make money from it. Find free hosting services you can recommend and search for possible sites by evaluating each site and deciding which is the best fit and why.

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    In 2012, 92% of those who blogged a few times daily obtained one new customer or subscriber at least. There are numerous ways to make money online through a blog, particularly because there is a market for it. Almost 2/3 of online users are researching products through a search engine, and almost of online users start their Internet shopping through a search engine. A blog has a good chance of grabbing Internet users who have never even heard of the blog to begin with (no external marketing needed), if the hosting service is of reputable standards, offers linkages to other websites perhaps, and is traceable according to GoogleBot requirements (the tool Google uses to evaluate websites' online content and keywords to then put them on the Google search engine- a key search engine optimization (SEO) tool for websites to take advantage of).

    There are a few steps to achieve making some reasonable funds through using a blog site. Generally, the following is what I recommend:

    1) Develop an attractive blog that will have clout. Establishing an audience of interested readers is key to the next few steps. *I will outline three blog sites below.
    2) Look up affiliate blogs, such as ClickBank, and offer to sponsor certain products (ones with high demand) and make money via the commission, which can be up to 75%. Additionally, in becoming an affiliate with ClickBank, you do not need to pay any costs- you only need to advertise. Depending on the products you have chosen, you will have the opportunity to alter the key words and content on your blog to reflect the theme of those products, so that potential clients online looking for those products in particular will hopefully connect to your blog through the ...

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    This solution provides recommendations to how to start one's own blog, free of share, and subsequently how to make funds from the respective blog. Ideas towards specific blog hosting services are given, as well as their pros and cons, and what they can give the online user with respect to exposure, funds, and creativity. Additionally, I also provide a few ideas on how to optimize usage of these various blog hosting services, as well as other general ideas for any user interested in starting up a blog and generating money from it.