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IT Outsourcing in Organizations

Search the internet for the term "IT Outsourcing." Find at least two articles that discuss outsourcing, whether beneficial or controversial. Summarize the articles and answer the following questions in a two page paper:

What are the main types of goods and services being outsourced?
Why are the organizations in the articles choosing to outsource?
Have the organizations in your articles benefited from outsourcing? Why or Why not?

List all references used.

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What works. An inside look at outsourcing. Southern California healthcare system finds financial and performance pluses in IT outsourcing. By: Joslyn JS, Health Management Technology, 1074-4770, 2003 Jan, Vol. 24, Issue 1

IT outsourcing secures confidentiality. Healthcare provider of long-term care services enables remote access and saves money doing it. Health Management Technology, 1074-4770, 2002 Nov, Vol. 23, Issue 11

What are the main types of goods and services being outsourced?

The impetus for outsourcing IT operations is predicated upon the results that can be garnered from this paradigm including lowering expenses, conservation of internal staff and cost-effective access to expert resources. The main types of goods and services that are outsourced entail help-desk services, the remote hosting and management of mainframe software; facilities management of the on-site data center; support of an organization's midrange ...

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