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Revenue Cycle - Accounting Information Systems

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Research the fundamental processes that occur within the revenue cycle and AISs. These include the following:

- Budget and sales projection programs
- Sales recording and tracking systems
- Services needed for your company Web site (such as Web design and hosting services)
- Marketing software or services
- Any software needed for customer support (such as appointment scheduling or customer survey results tracking)

Analyze how the given fundamental processes will support revenue-generating activities for your company.

The company I chose is home based cake decorating.

If your company will sell its products or services through the company Web site, determine any e-commerce software or services that will be needed. If you are using a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) package, such as SAP, specify and describe which modules will be used that are related to the revenue cycle.

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The accounting information system will capture and process data about the home based cake decorating service. The AIS stores, organizes the data and gives your business controls to ensure the data is reliable and safe.

- Budget and sales projection programs

For the home based cake decorating business the budget and sales projection program will help forecasts sales that will help you plan better for the business. This program will help you monitor your actual sales and analyze how your business is doing. This program will help you integrate the forecast of your revenues, business planning, tracking of actual revenues from home based cake decorating, and help generate reports.

- Sales recording and tracking systems

During the revenue cycle you need to decide the extent to which your cake decorations should be customized to individual customers' needs and desires. You also need to decide the inventory of materials that you should carry. The sales recording and tracking software will help you keep track of leads, prospective customers, and maintain a database of customers. The sales recording and tracking system will help you with managing your contacts, track sales leads and opportunities, keep notes and track communication, and organize sales data, tasks related to sale, and keep all sales records.

- Services needed for your company Web site (such as Web design and hosting services)

The first ...

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