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    Information System in Accounting for Managing Change

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    The area that I am investigating in is Information System in Accounting and Finance.
    My problems are:
    Please use Systems Development Life Cycle to explain how would introducing a new payment technologies affect an organisations?
    How could the System Analysis stage be used to identify the advantages and disadvantages of introducing new technologies?
    Describe and critically evaluate how System Design, System Selection, System implementation and conversion stages would be involved in successfully introducing new payment technologies into the company's revenue cycle?

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    System Development Life Cycle

    Impact of New Payment Technology
    The introduction of new payment technology within the organization could be implemented through the different phases of system development life cycle (SDLC). Following are the different phases that would be included in introducing a new payment technology within the organization. It also includes impact on the organization -
    Planning Phase : This is the initial phase of SDLC. It includes the identification of needs and requirement of the new payment system in the organization. This system requires survey or observation about the suitability or requirement of this system. It includes the appropriateness of the existing system and at the same time the problem in the accounting and finance department would also be defined. It affects the strategic and technical goals & objectives of the business (Rob, Coronel & Crockett, 2008).
    Analysis Phase: In this phase, the problem defined in planning phase would be analyzed in detail. This phase also includes the analysis of the current system and the problems with current system. After analyze the problems and need the logical system design is developed that includes all the system requirements. It would cause an increase in the cost of the business and at the same time would reduce the significance of old system.
    Design Phase: This phase includes a complete design of the new payment system. All the technical specifications would be included in the system to enhance the effectiveness of the payment process. This system also considers training requirements methodologies that are required for system development. The network technology, level of computerization is also included in this phase that affects the overall system and techniques of the organization.
    Implementation Phase: In this stage, the design for the new payment system would be implemented. At the initial point of this phase the new payment system would pass through a cycle of coding, testing and debugging. The old system in the organization is replaced through the new system that would cause an increase in the payment process effectiveness of the business. It includes a huge amount of time and resources of the ...

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