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Startup and maintenance costs of wiki, podcast, blog

What are the startup and maintenance costs of wiki, podcast, blog?

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Let's start by identifying the categories of cost that are needed. You will need location, equipment, support, material, and time. Now, "location" includes your physical location as well as a place on the Internet. Equipment is anything you need such as a camera, microphone, computer, etc. Support can be classified as remote and local support. Material is the materials you will be uploading. Time is the time to prepare, create, or transmit the materials - remember time is money!

Now that we have a basic idea of what we are going to need, we must determine what we are willing to spend. There are web hosting services that are free just like you can use free software if you have your own webspace. We'll begin by using the "totally free" option.

Let's start all three. We can podcast through We can wiki through We can blog through All three locations can be linked to one another, but there is no ...

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The startup and maintenance costs of wiki, podcasts and a blog are examined.