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    Educational technology tools

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    Assignment: Students will write a position paper to convince teachers or school administrators to purchase a specific type of educational technology for a particular subject/grade level.Students will research the technology to provide evidence of its benefits for a particular instructional purpose, and why the benefits outweigh possible limitations. For example, students might select to advocate the use of cell phones to strengthen scientific inquiry in for middle school students or the use of podcasts to improve reading skills in elementary school.Students will search the library databases and the free Web for four scholarly articles, including a quantitative research study, to be used as evidence in their position paper. In writing their position paper, students will both synthesize and critique the articles they use.

    This is my position statement. My essay has to be a research paper based on this

    My position: I am advocating for the use of social media tools in high school social studies classroom such as (edmodo, google+, facebook, twitter, TedED, Blogger, Youtube, etc) to increase historical thinking skills.

    Essay Guidelines: It must include a title and some headers in your paper to divide up the topics in your essay. The paper should be at least three pages and up to five pages doublespaced. Be sure to cite sources within the text in APA style and include a reference list of sources cited at the end of your paper.

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    Internet Workshop and Blog Publishing: Meeting Student (and Teacher) Learning Needs to Achieve Best Practice in the Twenty-First-Century Social Studies Classroom. Academic Journal By: Frye, Elizabeth M.; Trathen, Woodrow; Koppenhaver, David A.. Social Studies , Feb2010, Vol. 101 Issue 2, p46-53, 8p,

    Social Media Tools in the Leadership Classroom: Students' Perceptions of Use. Academic Journal By: Odom, Summer F.; Jarvis, Holly D.; Sandlin, M'Randa R.; Peek, Cassidy. Journal of Leadership Education , Winter2013, Vol. 12 Issue 1, p34-53, 20p,

    Retooling the Social Studies Classroom for the Current Generation. Academic Journal By: Wilson, Elizabeth K.; Wright, Vivian H.; Inman, Christopher T.; Matherson, Lisa H.. Social Studies , Mar/Apr2011, Vol. 102 Issue 2, p65-72, 8p

    Primary Sources and Web 2.0: Unlikely Match or Made for Each Other? Academic Journal By: Johnson, Mary J.. Library Media Connection, v27 n4 p26, 28-30 Jan-Feb 2009.

    The argument for including Web 2.0 technology into the classroom is predicated upon the 21st century reality wherein students are able to incorporate technology into their classroom because it already dominates their everyday life experiences. The objective for educators is to harness the technological advances that Web 2.0 tools can bring into the classroom to allow students to become active participants in their own learning by turning classrooms into student-centered instructional places. The new marketplace for students when they graduate high school will be placated upon digital technology that is placated upon Web 2.0 and other tools, which can be used in the classroom to allow students the ability to engage in student-centered instruction that will incorporate technology such as blogs, wiki, and digital social media into social studies' classrooms across America to better prepare students for 21st century workforces.

    The first discussion will entail discussing the notion of Web 2.0., which represents an array of tools that are used online to enable online collaboration between learners through the use of ...

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