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Technology Proposal For Goodwill Industries

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Consider the technology needs that Goodwill Industries will need to update the technology and to optimize communication between facilitators and learners.

Submit a proposal to the administration of Goodwill Industries in which you identify the tools needed to update the technology and to optimize communication between facilitators and learners.

Complete the following in your proposal:
- Convince the leaders of the need to update technology.
- Address mitigating challenges inherent in the current system.
- What upgrades or changes are necessary to provide better technology integration for adult learning opportunities?

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The following posting helps with a technology proposal for Goodwill Industries.

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Technology Proposal

With the initiation of Goodwill's online learning GCFLarningFree.org, free online learning opportunities are available to anyone 'who wants to learn or improve their technology, literacy and/or math skills, and become more successful in both work and life' (Online Learning, 2012). The proposal will focus on several low-cost technology options that will enhance and upgrade Goodwill's current online educational program.

The objective of the proposal is to devise a plan that will enable Goodwill to increase and update the necessary technology that is needed in order to enhance learning, prepare students in their learning initiative, and prepare them to participate actively in a society that is driven by technology. The proposed new initiatives include upgrading current software and implementing Web 2.0 tools into instruction. It is also proposed that instructors receive the proper training so that they are acclimated, knowledgeable, and experienced with the different forms of technology available to incorporate into their classrooms to provide the best possible learning environment to students.

Technology has the ability to promote critical thinking, foster higher order thinking skills, enhance creativity, heighten problem-solving skills, and prepare teachers for all ...

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