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    Educational Technology

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    Educational technology helps to make employee's training cheaper, more individual and more effective. Based on your experience, describe a method that exploits (any form of) educational technology and specify its contribution. If possible, present non-traditional examples that might give us a new view to education.

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    The vast improvement of information technology over the past years has been a tremendous way of having an easier access to learning new things, especially on the technological side of things. Before, training, seminars and workshops are done in a classroom type of environment, wherein a group of employees that act as students are being taught face to face with an instructor that uses a blackboard or a whiteboard to write notes, instructions and lessons and accompanied by his or her voice to teach the lessons. Work-related skills such as software programming, computer-based design, network management and technical lectures are given in a classroom type of way inside the company. With educational technology, the method of information sharing and employee training are further improved so that employee becomes more effective, less time consuming, much easier for ...

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