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Review of 6 Educational Websites

Technology Review

1) Create a list of five educational web sites, online educational games, or other examples of educational technology.

2) Provide a brief description of each of the technologies. Your review MIGHT consider the following criteria:

a) Usefulness in the classroom (either from a teacher or a student standpoint)
b) Ease of use
c) Cost
d) Reliability
e) Availability
f) Teaching or learning outcomes

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Solution Summary

This solution includes a list of six educational websites, online educational games, and other examples of educational technology. Along with each website link, a brief review is provided describing the site and outlining the potential usefulness in the classroom.

NOTE: This solution is designed to GUIDE students to websites of educational use. Each website review includes a description of the site and outlines its potential use in the classroom. The above criteria is used as a guide only. For example, if a website is FREE no cost may be directly mentioned in the review.