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    Faculty Role in Accreditation

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    Faculty role in one regulatory and accrediting body pertinent in a higher education settings. purpose and scope of these bodies in institutions in higher education. discuss similarities and differences between regulation and accreditation. Need information.

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    In the past the faculty role in accreditation has been understated to say the least. As time evolves recognition that faculty involvement is essential to a healthy peer review process has come about. The faculty members are the subject matter experts and work with students on a daily basis. Faculty members can serve on the Commission of Accreditation or the visiting teams that are formed in the accreditation process. A self-study is part of the accreditation process. Faculty members definitely need to be part of that. Collegial consultation should take place in the areas of: curriculum, degree and certification requirements, ...

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    This article discusses the faculty role in accreditation. It also discusses the similarities and differences of regulation and accreditation.