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Nursing regulatory and accrediting bodies

I want to investigate one regulatory and one accrediting body pertinent to the faculty role in an academic higher education (preferably in nursing)

I want to identify the purpose and scope
of these bodies in institutions of higher education and their implications for faculty members.

I want to discuss similarities and
differences between regulation and accreditation.

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Accrediting body- NLNAC

NLNAC supports the interests of nursing education, nursing practice, and the public by the functions of accreditation. Accreditation is a voluntary, self-regulatory process by which non-governmental associations recognize educational institutions or programs that have been found to meet or exceed standards and criteria for educational quality. Accreditation also assists in the further improvement of the institutions or programs as related to resources invested, processes followed, and results achieved. The monitoring of certificate, diploma, and degree offerings is tied closely to state examination and licensing rules, and to the oversight of preparation for work in the profession.

Purpose- NLNAC is the entity that is responsible for the specialized accreditation of nursing education programs, both post-secondary and higher degree, which offer ...

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Nursing regulatory and accrediting bodies