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decision Making in an Organization

What tools and techniques are commonly used to make decisions in your organization? Why is it important to alter decision making techniques based upon the situation? Provide an example of an organizational decision that would have benefited from using different tools and techniques.

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For this solution, I will use the college I work for as a model. The decisions are based on the needs of the accreditation authority and their requirements, the needs of the students, the costs of doing business, the costs of education and the value of the education to the students and alumni.

The tools are often surveys of students, faculty, and staff. There is also the use of the informal grapevine, grade evaluations, and number of staff and students needed to keep the operations viable. I work in the distant learning program so our student evaluations are important. The statistical data on grades and costs per student and per campus are also used. There are many different types of groups who make evaluations. These include the departments, the department heads, the faculty organization, ...

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The solution, via example (that of an academic institution) explains the process of decision making in an organization (see original problem:long description) including tools and techniques.