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    Website explore: AICPA.org , taxsites.com , pcaobus.org

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    Explore these 3 websites www.aicpa.org, http://taxsites.com and www.pcaobus.org. In a narrative form, explain the different tools, reference material and resources available on the 3 websites.

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    Taxsites.com contains resources for tax forms, IRS, and financial calculators useful for making payroll, W-4 and tax calculations quickly. It contains a full list of links for tax resources such as links for state tax laws, tax software, tax associations and international tax sites. It has extensive links for payroll and benefit professions such as forms and publications, American Payroll Associations, retirement plans and payroll services. The site also contain resources for careers, continuing professional education and regulatory bodies.

    The PCAOB site provides the visitor with full access ...

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    Your tutorial is 384 words and contains three screen shots of the sites (attached) so you can "see" at a quick glance what is described in the commentary.