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AICPA PCAOB TAXSITES: What content was interesting to you?

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Pick one subject from each website listed below that interests you and elaborate in more detail about its content.

Sites to visit:


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Your tutorial is 458 words and two references. The discussion comments on the careers tab on the AICPA site, the inspection tab on the PCAOB site and mentions the lack of content on the taxsite. It describes the purpose of the taxsite and why there isn't much content to review.

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Unlike the AICPA and PCAOB, this site is more about access to other sites than having its own content. I clicked on auditing and fraud and it was just a list of links to other sites. I click on payroll services and still just more links. I clicked on financial calculator thinking I might see what the payment would be to buy a new Honda but it required a membership to be able to use it. This site seems to be a "library of links" and so I didn't really find anything that interested me. It is more of a resource. With that said, I was curious to see the long list of potential resources by topic. This is an impressive library. I am not very interested in taxes and payroll so the accounting links were the most ...

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