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Marketing is more than a four-step approach

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Marketing is more than a four-step approach to increase sales. It excites people, and keeps them interested over long periods of time. Such is the case with the movie trilogies Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Let's look at the Harry Potter phenomenon. The four-book series has sold enormous amounts in more than 200 countries. Each Harry Potter movie premiere has broken box office records world wide.

During the production of each movie, marketers keep interest high and the Harry Potter frenzy awhirl with well-timed video releases, and companies like Mattel and Mars Incorporated selling and estimated 50 million dollars worth of licensed Harry Potter toys and candy. You can visit the official Harry Potter website to purchase merchandise, download sorcerer games, subscribe to a monthly newsletter, and even view movie trailers - all designed as part of the Harry Potter experience. You can access the website, and have your own experience without ever seeing the movie.

Let's visit the official Harry Potter website http://www.harrypotter.com to explore the vast multimedia and merchandising marketing strategy that is built around this movie. In your group, review each clickable link on the sidebar. As you explore these sites, answer the questions below. After you have answered each question, write a 2-3 page paper that summarizes your findings.

Click on the Daily Prophet

As you review this page how does Warner Brothers Warner Brothers
utilize The Daily Prophet to involve the Web viewer and generate interest in the movie? How effective would you say is this promotional effort? Provide reasons that support your opinion.

What elements of Warner Brothers' Warner Brothers promotional mix for the movie can be seen at this page? Explore the different elements. How effective do you think their promotional strategy is, given what you have seen?

Click on the Wizard Shop

Familiar yourselves with the Promotions and Products links and answer the following questions:

What types of merchandise is Warner Brothers
selling as part of its merchandising strategy?
What channel(s) of distribution is (are) being promoted here to purchase this merchandise?
How does author JK Rowling's control over the licensing affect the merchandise?

Click on the Message Board and Games links

Familiarize yourself with theses two links and answer the following question:

How does involvement in the activities on the site keep the Potter hype in high gear even when nothing new is schedule to be released for months?

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The expert examines marketing more than a four-step approach. The experiences are summarized.

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What elements of Warner Brothers' Warner Brothers promotional mix for the movie can be seen at this page? Explore the different elements. How effective do you think their promotional strategy is, given what you have seen?
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban is being offered on DVD and VHS on the 23rd November. This is 15th March and the website has not yet been updated. The page also offers once in a life time opportunity to meet with the J.K. Rowling and three of his Harry Potter stars. Further, the page is offering an opportunity to listen to the description of Harry Potter Walk-On-Role winner's on set experience. You get to sample the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Videogame free and get to listen to parts of its soundtrack. The effectiveness of the strategy lies in the fact, that Harry Potters fans will open the website, sample some of the elements of the movie and be tempted to see the real movie. There might be some who will play the video game, maybe several times and be convince that he must see the movie, a music lover might sample the free soundtrack and want to experience the complete movie and a third person may listen ...

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