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Best Practices in Health Education

What are some " best practices" that you believe the field of health education utilizes with regard to educational technology? and which one/s would you encourage, or recommend? and why? and How would you go about implementing the technology/devices you would recommend? (how is it/would it be used in the field)?

Also include some of the changes you would implement to current practices.

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The best practices that I believe that the field of health education utilize with regard to educational technology are varied, and include a vast array of the latest innovations in educational technology. Health education professionals and administrators have been using SafeAssign as a methodology of digitally analyzing and performing evaluations on written work, which has added tremendously to the efficiency and speed at which written work can be evaluated. Advanced visualization tools are used in the field of health education, in order to help students as well as instructors to assimilate and to understand a vast array of data. Blackboard is being used more and more in the health education field as an efficient method of managing course materials, which will be helpful to both ...