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    Health Care and Immigrants at Public Schools

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    Question: Choose the one best answer for the following multiple choice question. Provide rational for the correct answer that you chose and rationale for each of the incorrect answers.

    What would be the most appropriate health-related reason that a nurse could use to suggest to newly immigrated Asian American parents that their child should attend public school?

    a. The child will get a good education.
    b. According to law, all children must go to school.
    c. The child can get health care at school.
    d. Exposure to different cultures in school will enhance socialization.

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    Although some Asian countries have less advanced health care facilities and practices, it would be a gross generalization to extend this to all health care and cultural practices in all of Asia. Statistically speaking, a large number of major metropolitan populations in Asia are held to the same standards as North American ...

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