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    Health Care Workforce Shortages

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    What are some short-term and long-term solutions to address health care workforce shortages due to health care positions being very stressful and demanding causing people not to enter or to leave the field because of stress?

    How can we address the shortages due to a decrease in qualified instructors in the schools resulting in smaller acceptance into programs?

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    Hi: Happy to try to help you.
    Can you think of some short-term solutions to help with the demanding
    and stressful duties in the health care field? Think about some of the perks you may have heard about in other industries (ie. Google and other Silicon Valley companies); also consider what you like to do to relieve stress. Ideas might include initiating stress seminars for employees, giving perks to enhance the job like dry cleaning delivered, car washes, or fun company functions. On site child care could take stress away from part of worker's lives and help overall. Having a gym on site or giving gym membership would also be a way to de-stress. Offer massages.

    For long term solutions you could take it further: give more vacation days, reward employees with days off or longer lunches. Give incentives to use the gym, train for athletic events (a hospital 1/2 marathon team), offer health care ...

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    This solution addresses short and long term solutions to handle the current health care workforce shortage. It addresses the stress involved in these positions, attrition, and ways to decrease attrition. In addition, it addresses the idea of getting more qualified health care instructors. Several links are included to further address this issue.