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    Staffing Trends

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    Human resources professionals are responsible for staying abreast of staffing trends. You are aware of JPS' desires to expand its business and hire more doctors. You must help managers develop hiring plans that make sense. Identify at least three medical specialties that have significant shortages and discuss efforts to improve staffing levels.

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    Improving Staffing in Health Care 1

    According to Gulla (2006), "The Massachusetts Medical Society today released the results of its 2006 Physician Workforce Study, its annual comprehensive look at the state's physician workforce, and this latest research confirms and expands on what the society's four previous studies have discovered: that Massachusetts continues to face shortages of physicians in key medical specialties and that recruitment and retention of physicians remain difficult. The 2006 study also contained one alarming new finding: a shortage of primary care physicians." (Gulla, 2006).
    The Massachusetts Medical Society has realized that the results of the study carries a strong message to health care officials and policy makers and that there is a need to improve the physicians' practice environment and make this a priority because this is an issue of patient care. The following needs to be improved: viability of physician practices, reduction of the shortages of key specialists, and improvement of recruitment and retention.
    The three specialties that the 2006 data showed which are emerging in short supply for the first time are family practice, internal medicine, and psychiatry. Although the discovery of these three specialties is alarming, the most critical shortage facing community hospitals is that of family practitioners. ...

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    The solution discusses how human resources professionals are staying abreast of staffing trends by identifying three medical specialities with significant shortages and efforts done to improve staffing levels. References are included.