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Innovative, Engaging, and Effective Implementation of Educational Technology In a Educational Setting

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Consider yourself the winner of the show "Superintendent for a Year." However, rather than be superintendent of the entire district, you are only concerned with your own educational environment - your classroom, your lab, your library. Best of all, during the year of your "superintendency" you have complete control of the technology budget.

In your role of superintendent, create a plan for an innovative, engaging, effective implementation of educational technology in a educational setting with the following requirements:

1. It should be based on one trend. Support your decisions and plans with resources you have found in reading either on or off the Internet.
2. You will create from your research an accompanying related webliography (a list of websites accompanied by short annotations about the nature of the website).
3. It must strongly support 21st century outcomes: .
4. Your plan must include step by step practical plans for implementation in a educational setting (for example, if the plan makes use of existing equipment how is your use going to be innovative?).
5. The plan must show how you have evaluated and selected a technology or application that is appropriate for a educational setting.
6. Provide a clear explanation of how this implementation correlates to and supports identified trends and how the plan meets critical challenges being faced in current education settings.

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The universal theme of equal access under the law in K-12 education is sometimes severely limited by isolation. Regions of the American West and Alaskan frontier are geographically distant from common venues such as zoos, museums, traveling exhibits and performances that are common in metropolitan areas.

Late 20th and 21st century technology is breeching this gap in educational equality through distance education. Distance Ed can deliver a large basket of goods ranging from asynchronous delivery of material through web-based learning to the much more enticing field of real time learning though compressed video, web-cam and instruction delivered in real time.

With that in mind my research on this project was twofold; content and platform.

Content is the most important aspect of distance education since a good experience in compressed video is nearly identical to "being there". The platform must work with existing digital infrastructure or the entire process can fail.
My research found that the "Center for ...

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