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    Educational Decisions

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    Use the attached scenario to address the following:

    Explain the subject(s) or subject's topics.
    Describe the case study's educational setting and social situation.
    Give details about the learners including age, background, learning profiles, and others.
    Describe the educational concern or the purpose for the formation of the case study's decision-making team. Describe any needs that were identified in the beginning of the study.
    Identify all stakeholders and describe their positions within the educational setting and the team. Explain each stakeholder's influence and possible assumptions that explain their interests and later recommendations.
    Identify the expressed or underlying decision-making model(s) used by the team.
    Describe the final decision or outcome on which the team agreed.

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    Explain the subject(s) or subject's topics.

    The topic and subject of the article was Blended Learning (BL), which represents the integration of several approaches to educational processes using a diversity of methods and resources to allow leaners an holistic opportunity at reaching their most optimal learning objectives and goals through analysis and incorporation of learning experiences obtained from more than one kind of information source

    Describe the case study's educational setting and social situation.

    The educational setting is higher education institutions wherein the social situation is placated upon creating BL environments that represent the real world. The focus of the study was on creation of interactive classrooms that focused upon a more holistic knowledge of the world that isn't in accordance with the traditional view that only accepts knowledge between materialism and idealism. The study's ...

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    The solution discusses educational decisions as described in a case study. Social situations and learners profiles are examined.