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    Educational Leadership Organizational Techniques

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    1. There are three major skills that Educational Leaders must have or improve upon in order to find success in their mission to be effective educational leaders. What are these skills and how should Educational Leaders apply them during their journey to improve educational programs?

    2. As Educational Leaders begin their journey to improve educational programs, they find four external "influential & controlling forces" that limit their ability to bring effective & efficient systemic educational changes. What are these "controlling forces" & how do they affect Educational Leaders decision-making processes?

    3. Text chapter 8 reveals sveral organizational techniques or interventions Educational Leaders may use to plan & implement effective systemic educational changes. Explain Kirt Lewin's.

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    1. Educational leaders must possess leadership, integrity, and commitment. These three skills are necessary for ensuring that a mission or vision is carried out and educational leaders must display them throughout the process. Leadership enables the educational leader to lead the path and take responsibility for the successes and failures while displaying integrity, which enables the leader to engage in ethical and moral behavior that will be duplicated by employees. A leader who is committed to the goals and vision of change will stay on the course and follow through with the objectives to reach his or her goals, which will inspire faculty and staff to do the same.

    2. External forces represent more than just ...

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    Three major skills that educational leaders must have or improve upon in order to find success in their mission to be effective educational leaders are examined. Implement effective systemic educational changes are determined.